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Rick Pitino Gets Louisville Tattoo, Offsets 1996 Kentucky NCAA Championship Belly Button Piercing

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“My mom’s pissed,” hall of fame coach Rick Pitino said Friday in reference to the backlash to his 2013 Louisville NCAA Champions tattoo. “But she don’t control me.” Coach Pitino, whose Cardinals squad bested the University of Michigan in the NCAA Finals, has come under fire for not repping the school hard enough after photos were leaked of his 1996 University of Kentucky commemorative championship belly button.

Photo via Antione Walker

Photo via Antione Walker’s personal archive

“I mean, come on, that’s our arch rival, if you’re gonna keep it in at least get some U of L ink,” Louisville Athletic director, Tom Jurich, said at a school protest rally of the belly button.

“Listen,” the coach told reporters outside Dank Nugz Head Shop and Tattoo Studio in downtown Louisville. “What happend in the past happend in the past, and just because I’m here now doesn’t mean I have to forget all the memories I had when I was there,” he added. “Plus, every time I take it out it gets infected and shit.”


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