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Exclusive Kickz Of Week: Boxer Dogs Men’s Casual Orthopedic IV

Available in Long, Wide, and Men's Petite

Available in Long, Wide, and Men’s Petite

Just released this Monday, the Boxer Dogs Men’s Casual Orthopedic IV is already turning heads at medical supply stores around the nation. Equipped with an all-leather tongue, padded Velcro straps, and a a full-bodied 100% American rubber sole — these bold-ass kickz are real lady killers. Not to mention the added inserts meant to combat inflamation from gout, the Boxer Dogs Ortho IV are available in “British Tan”, as well as the limited release “Dark Black”.

But those aren’t the only options you’ll have. These dope kickz come in size/shape options that sound like descriptions of missed field goals. Like “Wide”, “Just Short”, “Too Straight”, and “Not Enough Leg”.

All we’re gonna say is don’t expect to just be able to waltz into any old Podiatrist’s office and cop a pair — there’s gonna be a line for these babies. “Even at $107, they’re flying off the shelf where I keep them,” Dr. Sanjay Punal told Dick Buttkiss. “Though sometimes they just fall off because the shelf is kind of slanty,” he added. “I really should fix that.”

Check em out online here at OrthopedicShop.com.


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