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2013 NFL Draft Update: Mergleminsville City Goat-Tigers Select Lennay Kekua With Glour-Teenth Pick


In what is being hailed as a surprising move by struggling Mergleminsville City, the Goat-Tigers traded up to draft Ronniah Tuiaossisopo alter ego, Lennay Kekua, with the glour-teenth pick in the 2013 NFL Draft. Both Mel Kiper and Todd McShay had the Goat-Tigers addressing their need at outside klörnbacker, by selecting either of the Tokka or Rahzar characters from the second Ninja Turtles movie, or a live Chupacabra.

“We looked at the board and decided that our best option was to go with Kekua,” GM Jesus Christ told Adam Schefter. “She had a great work out with us last month.” When the mutant snapping turtle and wolf were selected earlier than expected, Mergleminsville City felt forced into making a quick draft-day decision. “There was a conflict of interest, ya know. A team of hybridized goats selecting a live chupacabra — what with all the goat eating — Kekua was the clear choice.”500full

The addition of the Manti T’eo ex-lover is considered a depth play at the position. “Hey, the way imaginary guys get imaginary injured these imaginary days, you can never have enough Westward Vlingmen!” the reanimated Christ commented, while floating in the air, awash in an ambient golden light.


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